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Custom Charcuterie Boards in Paso Robles, California

Our Cheese

Our cheese is crafted from our small flock of East Friesian and Lacaune sheep and our Nubian goats.  We produce cheese from the animals we tend to and care for all year long.  Want to try these cheeses in person? Book a farm tour and/or tasting today!

California Brie Style Cheese

Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is a bloomy white rind brie style cheese.  Seasonally made from either sheep or goat milk.  Distinctly different depending on what milk is used, the supple texture and delicate flavor of both versions shouldn't be missed.

Silver Lining

Another bloomy white rind cheese, our Silver Lining is based on the classic French Valençay from the Loire Valley.  Dusted with vegetable ash which alters the ph of the cheese giving it a gooey outside edge that transitions to a slightly chalky center.

Won gold at the Los Angeles International Dairy Competition in Spring of 2024

California Sheep Milk Cheese
Goat and Sheep Milk Cheese

Goats Over My Lamby

At the end of summer, when we are still milking our sheep, and just starting to milk our goats, we make a special seasonal cheese showcasing both unique milks in a single cheese.  Most cheeses made from multiple species are blended together. For Goats Over My Lamby, we make two individual cheeses modeled after our Silver Lining cheese and put a separating layer of ash between the two milks.  This allows you to see the difference in color and texture and experience the flavor of each layer. It's is just a beautiful cheese!

A Tomme to Kill

From the Savoie mountains bordering Switzerland, the Alpine tomme style cheese is a natural rind cheese.  Much like a sourdough bread, the complexity of flavor develops from the particular molds which coat the rind of the cheese.  The rind protects the inner cheese, but also influences the flavor during development.  A Tomme to Kill is our youngest of three versions of Tommes we produce aging a minimum of 60 days.  

Raw Sheep Milk Cheese
Fresh Sheep & Goat Bon Bon Cheeses

Bon Bons

Herb encrusted savory and sweet treats, we create bon bons based on a Swiss recipe for a hard cheese intended for shredding.  Instead, we produce these small bites of delish to be aged a short period infusing the savory bon bons with garlic and local herbs.  Our sweet offerings have a lemon and honey base and are complimented with turbinado sugar, cocoa, lime zest and more. We always have a diverse selection of these tempting treats to choose from.

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