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Artisinal Sheep and Goat Cheese

Farm Stays and Cheese Tastings

Visit our farm while exploring California's Central Coast.  Whether you're here for wine tastings, pasing through from San Francisco to LA or exploring the many creameries on the California Cheese Trail, we offer farm tours to learn about our animals and our homesteading journey as well as cheese tastings and charcuteries all right here on our Paso Robles Farm.  Schedule a tour or tasting today!


Sheep Milk Cheese

Our small flock of 40 milking ewes is one of only about 200 sheep milk creameries in the entire United States.  We raise our sheep on natural pasture grasses and create seasonal cheeses from March - August.  Each year we produce about 2000 pounds of cheese from our East Friesian and Lacune dairy sheep.

Goat Milk Cheese

Our small flock of 30 milking does produce hand crafted artisan cheeses in traditional french styles including our award winning 'silver lining' based on a traditional French Valençay.  We produce small amounts of Goat cheese from June - December each year.


Farm Tours

We offer daily farm tours to meet the flock and learn about our journey to create unique farmstead cheeses on California's central coast.  Discover our creamery operation and the different cheeses we make.  Find out about our humanely raise flock of sheep and goats and how we manage the flock to produce cheese nearly year round from a small sustainable family farm.

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